Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Colors Of My Life continued

The Colors of My Life 7 was the first quilt I designed on the design wall when my studio was completed. It is a variation of an intersecting field of color quilt. I moved the colors across the quilt in various ways. The one obvious movement is the green which goes from dark at the outside to light at the center. This created luminescence. When you do a quilt with this many variations of a color you can't have too much fabric. You may only use a few squares of each fabric but you need certain values, shades and colors.

This is a close up so you can see the quilting. You can click it to enlarge it as you can all my photos on this blog. I used a curved line to emphasize the movement in this composition. The quilting was done without marking.

You have seen The Colors Of My Life 8 and 9 before. When I designed these quilts I was playing with the color theory that warm colors advance and cool colors recede.
I made the cool colors advance in the second quilt by putting them in front of the warm colors.

Tonight's puzzle is a postcard I made for the very first Fiber Art For A Cause Fund Raiser. I love crazy quilts so made this crazy quilt with hand dyed fabric and a lot of stitching where the patches joined each other. The images you see are made from polymer clay that I imbedded into the fabric.
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Exuberant Color said...

I like these and the ones yesterday. I'm sure they are even more beautiful to see in person. I know how hard it is to photograph saturated color.

LoieJ said...

Its interesting how the center of the top quilt seems to come forward, at least on the computer picture. I like these.