Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Blossom Fell - Azalea Time

The most glorious display in my yard is put out by the azaleas. This photo is from 2 years ago today.

Last year they bloomed very late. This photo was taken on April 1 last year. We had a severe winter and they were very late and not nearly as full.

This year they are not quite ready to show you yet. I am hoping we don't have a rain storm to beat them down before they come into full flower. Our winter was also very cold this year but it didn't last quite as long. They only last about a week, but for that week they are my very favorite floral display.
We are having a beautiful spring for which I am so thankful.

Little did I know when I painted this table it would be a very close match to the azaleas. We did not choose the color of the flowers, the builders planted them.

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