Saturday, March 19, 2011

Focus On Fiber Retreat -Part 2 - Color Swatching, Discharging Dye, Shibori Wrapping, Permanent Pleating

We started our first day of class by dyeing color samples of various colors with Procion MX dyes.

These are the colors we chose to sample. They are still wet in the photo.

Our next project was dyeing silk scarves with the dyes we had mixed and sampled.
We wrapped and bound them and squirted 3 different colors of dye on them.
After we let them rest for a while we bound them again, a little tighter this time and they were submerged in a pot of black acid dye.
After another resting period there was more binding – tighter this time.
We then submerged them in a pot of Thiox to discharge some of the color.
After a short time in that pot we took off the binding and rinsed them. They are really awesome.
These are just a few of them.

After lunch we had our choice of things to do.
Here Linda, our instructor is showing one way to do a shibori wrap on a pole.
Several of the class members chose this activity.

Linda is showing Barbara how to use the pleating machine.

For my afternoon activity I chose to pleat this 8 inch x 2 yard piece of sheer polyester.
I will be adding a color or pattern to it during one of our next exercises.
After working so hard, a group of us retired to one of the cottages for snacks and beverages and “girl talk”. It was great bonding and sharing evening. We didn’t even need dinner after all the snacks everyone brought.


Kay said...

Those pleaters are so overpriced....and I"m not sure they are worth it.....LOL buy used if you can......[horp

Sue Andrus said...

I am so glad you are posting from FOF!! I have wanted to get down there for years. Had all plans in place 2 yrs ago when life got in the way and I had to cancel last minute. I always love to see what has gone on there.... I am trying to start now to save for next Spring...

Kay said...

I'm glad you are there, having fun. Some day maybe I'll get here....:)

Wen Redmond said...

looks like fun!