Monday, March 7, 2011

Works In Progress - Welcome My Majestic Queen - Circular Quilt

This is one of those quilts that I was quite pleased with. I made the circular design from a very interesting piece of hand dyed fabric.
I felt it needed something more so I added the bottom section to the circular area.

I couldn't decide if I liked it so I removed that section. When I removed it, I felt something was missing.

I can't decide whether or not to put it back on the bottom, and I have not come up with anything else that enhances the design.

It may just be one of those pieces that needs some very creative quilting.

So I guess you could say "I am working on it!"

I'll think about it a little longer, but at least thanks to one of my good friends it has a working title.


Wen Redmond said...

I love the bottom section! The values are medium values and might benefit from a small amount of contrast- perhaps on top? I guess this could be darker stitching lines, echoing the bottom?

Michele said...

I also like the bottom section, but it also seems as if the top and bottom should be more distinct - there's no separation between the two and they seem to be fighting each other.

Kay said...

I see trauma between the top and bottom as well, they need some separation either cloth or are a maxing......

Kay said...

amazing....lordy lou - those fingers and bifocals must get more in tune.....:)

Anonymous said...

I think that the piece needs to be more elongated---more on the bottom but without the bar in the center. Maybe it's because we're approaching Easter that it reads as a cross to me.

Sylvia in chilly Beaumont TX