Saturday, March 5, 2011

Color to Color Flow

I received this photo this morning from a friend who knew I would enjoy it.
I absolutely loved it.

I just created this color blend with Corel Draw and Photo Paint. It has the same feeling as the photo.

You see this type of color flow in so much of my work.

You see it in these slippers I recently knit.

It is also quite obvious in this afghan I knit several years ago.

I always enjoy it when people "get" my way of working with color and I think this friend really did.

Included with this photo were several others and I am going to show you a few of them.

This might give me an idea of a way to use these color flow arrangements in a different way in one of my art pieces.

This is one more that could be adapted to a piece of art.

Long time friends sometimes know us very well, and sometimes we can still be a mystery!

The photos you are seeing are tulip fields in the Netherlands.

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Eva said...

Stunning colors! Thank you for sharing these pictures. And the slippers are gorgeous! A pair of tulip field views! Brightening up the day.