Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Slashed Coat Pattern - Student Work

I posted today on Quilt Art about a coat I had made from my Slashed Coat/Jacket pattern. The subtitle of mine is "My If I Wanted To Catch A Man In An Airport Coat".

I didn't want to and I don't want to. But everytime I wore it men would stop me and ask about it.

The first time it happened I was on the people mover at the Atlanta airport. A man struck up a conversation with me, which surprised me since I was past the age where men hit on you! He was very interested in the coat and very complementary about it.

It happened repeatedly - always younger men - and that is how it got this name! One of the men was the late Todd Beamer who uttered the unforgettable words "Let's Roll" on 9/11. I didn't get his name, but there was something about him I remembered when I heard the story and saw his photo on 9//11.

Several people asked where they could see a picture of it. Unfortunately I don't have a picture on the computer of it and it is not here with me. In place of showing it to you I am showing you a photo of one a student made. I helped her choose the fabrics. She did a fantastic job and it looks wonderful and elegant on her.

Mine is a lot funkier than hers. It is an olive cotton with red, black and camel peaking out in a variety of shapes from the underlayers of the slashing. I will try to find someone to model it and take a photo in a few months.

Until then, if you want to find a man in an airport, you are on your own!

I do have several copies of the pattern with me here. If anyone is interested in it they are $14.00 postage paid anywhere in the United States. Just email me at kay*at* if you are interested in it. First come, first served.

In response to many questions I am adding this to my post.

1. This coat does use a faux chenile technique.

2. The fabrics are NOT the cottons or rayons normally used for this technique.

3. The students coat I have pictured used a rough silk (linen like) for the outer layer. The inner layer is a wonderful coordinated multicolor Hoffman batik.

4. One layer is wool.

5. I am not sure what the 4th layer is.

The "Airport" coat uses very different fabrics than this one and has a totally different look.


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Kay, this is soooo cool! No wonder you get stopped at airports! Enjoy the attention ... I always do. ;^)

Judi said...

love the jacket is that chenilled?(SP)

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I loved your post on QuiltArt list about this coat. Never thought a thick coat that covered you from neck to ankle would be a Man-Magnet! The one your student made is fantastic; can't wait to see yours.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks this "airport coat" needs to be in movies..... anyone know a connection to get Kay's coat in a movie?????

Kathyl said...

Months? We have to wait months to see a picture of your coat? This coat is very nice, but I want to see the one that doesn't look like this one! :-) Be sure to post on Quiltart when you do get a pic up.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I know y'all don't want to wait months to see it - so I did check my coat closet.
Sometimes a person forgets which house things are at. Unfortunaely this time I remembered right.
I did find a short silk one here but it is not like the "Airport" one.
I'll post that when I find someone to model it.

GerryART said...

You are one crazy gal.
Would you have ever thought it would be a man-attention-getter????