Friday, March 11, 2011

Circle Inset Quilt - Design Process - Part 3

You saw the collection of fabrics I started with.
Eventually I pulled all these fabrics from my fabric collection to make the choices of what fabrics to use. I did not use all of them.

These are the tools and supplies I am using to create this piece.

In this photo you can see I inset two more circles.

I have now added several more circles. Some are more obvious than others. I have done that purposely. I will add more, but I will not put a circle in each square.
How many circles can you find in this photo?

I am enjoying designing this and can't wait until I can sew it together, quilt it, and finish it.


Anonymous said...

I see eight circles.... this is a very interesting piece.... was transfixed with the process in the beginning..... but find that I am now just going with your flow..... as it is indeed a flow....

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I like the circles especially the subtle ones. I will keep watching this come together.

Karoda said...

this will interesting to watch you document one quilt to completion. i see 8 circles.