Friday, March 18, 2011

Focus On Fiber Retreat -Part 1

I wrote this post on March 17th but didn't have computer access to post it until today.

Today was a leisurely day.
I drove to New Smyrna Beach for our fabric dyeing class. I did a little exploring along the way and saw some beautiful country.
I arrived just in time to drive up to the Daytona airport to pick up my friend Sherryl.
We unpacked the car and checked into our rooms.

Seven of us went out to the new Thai restaurant. It was very good. Mary said all the restaurants in New Smyrna Beach are good now as the bad ones went out of business.
I am looking forward to dinner Friday and Saturday evenings.

It has been great to renew old acquaintances and meet new ones.

I am really excited about the class I am taking and will share what we do with you each day.

Wish you were here!


Mary Stori said...

I wish I was there too Kay!!!

Pamela said...

So envious!

Ellen Lindner said...

I KNOW you're having fun! Especially since I see some familiar faces. Can't wait to see your additional posts.

Anonymous said...

have a GREAT time--and may your fingers turn pink or purple or green or maybe of those

Sylvia who is enjoying her late blooming azaleas

Judi said...

have a great time wish I was there also.