Monday, March 14, 2011

The Colors Of My Life With Coffee

I had this coffee mug made with most of the quilts from The Colors Of My Life series printed on it.

I was amazed by the quality and color of the reproduction of the quilts. I selected the layout I wanted to use and then placed each quilt where it would be most effective.

I showed 3 different views so you can see how the collage of photos goes all around the cup.
I think coffee is going to taste much better in this cup.

Wouldn't it be great to get a set of mugs, each with a different one of your quilts?

These could also make great gifts for friends and family.


TextileTraveler said...

Beautiful! What company did you use to make this?

Anonymous said...

Your mug is wonderful. I agree that the coffee will taste the BEST in this mug. So....

Robin said...

Kay, this is soooo cool.
What company did you use??
Thanks, Robin

Mary said...

I love the mug! Please share details about how to go about getting custom mugs made.