Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inset Circle Quilt - Planned Overs - Secret Circles

When I create something with no exact design in mind I create units.
Working this way there are always a lot of units you do NOT use.

These are the units, off cuts and excess pieces of the fabric I used in the quilt that I did not find a place for.

Often this is the start of new work. I have backed some of these pieces with a fusible and I plan on doing some sewing with some of them.

It is quite obvious to me I will need to add some additional fabrics to make a cohesive piece.
One problem of working this way is you always have extra units and you have to decide when enough is enough.Working this way there are always a lot of units you do not use.

There comes a point when you have worked through the idea and what is left is not worth trying to do more with. I have a strong feeling there will only be one more piece from this group.

Of course I can also use these units to make very small pieces that can become a part of something such as a post card, journal quilt, or a small quilt to use as a gift.

Most often I choose NOT to put my energies into this type of project if I want to create REAL work.

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OR you can have a GIVE AWAY !!!