Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Circle Inset Quilt - Design Process - Part 2

In this photo you see more squares and several fairly major changes. I have now added some blue. I feel it is getting there now and doesn't have too far to go.

When I got to this point I was quite pleased with it. I know it is often best to sleep on it for a while. After sleeping on it I gradually made a few more changes.

Often when I am evaluating a design I will convert it to grayscale to observe values.
I see a few things I want to change here.

I made a few slight changes since I took this photo.
I am also in the process of adding a few more of the inset circles.
It's a process and it can't be rushed.


Judy Spahn said...

Love your new quilt. It looks like it was inspired by the plates on the wall in the heading to your blog. Love the splotched-paint effect too, but hope you put in a few more circles.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Thanks Judy.
Yes, I am adding more circles, a few at a time. I'll take time to evaluate them so I don't overdue it.
I do not have more of each fabric so once I add a circle that is it.
I want to be sure when I do it!

Ellen Ann Craig said...

Gray scale is a good idea to check values! Love the circle design and watching the process. Thanks!