Sunday, May 29, 2011

Are Quilts Only For Hanging On Walls?

My five year old grandson came to visit the other night.

I was sitting in a chair below this quilt. He looked at the quilt and said "I like that quilt."
I asked him if he could see any other quilts.

He turned around and said "Yes that is a quilt too."

The door to the bedroom was open and this quilt was on the bed. I asked him if he could see any more quilts. He said he didn't.
I asked him if he saw any quilts in the bedroom.
He went in there and looked around and came out and said he didn't see any quilts.

I then told him to look at the bed. He still didn't see any quilts.

I then explained to him that that was a quilt on the bed and that quilts can be on beds.
He now knows quilts are not just to hang on the wall.


Robin said...

cute story. Most of my new quilts are for walls or sofas - ran out of beds How about a puzzle?

Cynthia Wenslow said...

LOVE this story, Kay. :)

Eva said...

Quilts are there to be cuddled and crumpled and folded and spread again -- something that doesn't work when they're hanging on the wall...

PeggySue said...

My teenager commented on a recent project I am working on and when I said it was to be a bed quilt. He was surprised and said, "But it's so nice! It would look great on the wall, mom." Made me smile.

Fun how perceptions are developed.