Monday, May 30, 2011

Tessellation In Progress On Design Wall

When I posted the tessellation tutorial I didn't have a photo of this one at this stage.
I took this photo and you can see what I have done with the shapes I cut in this layout.
You also see the base is larger than I needed, but that is much better than it not being big enough.
I am still not sure this will be the final layout. I will study it some more and possibly will add or change a few things before I finish it.

This closeup allows you to see the design section better.

And because you asked -- A PUZZLE!
Click to Mix and Solve


Ellen said...

Wow! It's looking good!

Sally Hamilton said...

Love the colors - looking forward to following the progress.

Quilty Conscience said...

Lovely! Looks very difficult! Good for you! Toni

Robin said...

Thanks for the puzzle.!