Monday, May 16, 2011

Tessellation Tutorial - Lesson 9

Once you have ALL your tessellated pieces arranged on the fleece it is time to fuse them down.

Read and study these photos before you fuse them to the fleece as the shapes along the edge will be handled differently than the ones in the middle.

You will only remove the Wonder Under's paper backing in the area bound by the black square.

Draw lines from the corner to corner on the back of the shapes that are on the edge of the tessellated design section.

I have turned back some of the edge pieces so you can see where I drew the lines.
For a larger picture just click on this picture.

You can now fuse all the center tessellated shapes to the fleece. Those that still have the paper on the back will not stick to the fleece.

Leave the paper on the back of those until I tell you to remove it.

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