Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tessellation Tutorial - Preparing Border Fabric - Lesson 10

1. Choose a fabric for your border.
This should be a fabric that sets off the fabrics you have used for your tessellated shapes. Generally it should be a fabric that is not busy and doesn't have too many colors.(This is the fabric I chose.)

2. Cut this the same size as your fleece base.
3. Fuse Wonder Under to the entire back of this fabric.

4. Place border fabric paper side up on a flat surface.

5. Place tesselated shape/fleece piece fleece side up on top of it.

6. Fold back fleece on each side to expose the tesssellated shapes that still have the backing attached to them.

7. Trace around each shape on both sides of the composition.

8. Fold top and bottom to expose those shapes and trace them as you did the ones on the sides.

9. Remove the fleece with the tesselated shapes and this is what the paper on the back of your border fabric will look like. (Of course your tessellated shape will be different than mine so yours will not be an exact replica of mine.)

STOP NOW and wait for Lesson 11.

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