Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tessellation Tutorial - Grid - Lesson 7B

The red marks point to the original corners of your square of the index cards before you have cut it into a tessellating shape.

You will NOT mark these on your fabric/Wonder Under tessellated shapes.

It is just important you understand these are the corners.

When you place them on your fleece each of these should line up with a corner of the grid you have drawn.

They will extend slightly beyond the corners on the grids.

That, my friends, is the FUDGE factor - something unique to working with fabric.

If each piece was cut exactly on the lines, you would have places where the shapes didn't quite cover the fleece base. You do NOT want to see the base.

Continue adding shapes to your fleece until you have used all of or as many as you would like to.

If you would like to add more, you still have half of the fabric you chose for this quilt left. You can add Wonder Under to the back of them and cut as many more shapes as you would like.

When you are totally safisfied with the arrangement and design you have created it is time to get ready to fuse these to the base.

Pin them to your base and take this off the design wall to get ready for Lesson 8 & 9-covering borders and fusing the shapes to the fleece.

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