Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kentucky Derby, Florida Style

Our friends Rose and Lee hosted a Kentucky Derby Party Saturday.

Of course the most important thing about the Kentucky Derby is HATS!
The men voted in each of the categories and the winners were - from left to right:
Funniest, Best for the Kentucky Derby, Most Colorful, Most Unique and Best For Will and Kate's Wedding.

My favorite (and it was also the most creative in my opinion) was this one, photographed from the top.
This says it all about The Kentucky Derby.

Our esteemed judges.

Our fifth judge and host mixing some of his world famous mint juleps. He grows his own mint so it is at it's peak for the Derby Party.

It takes two televisions so we can each watch the race. Men watch the biggest set, and the women in the next room watch a slightly smaller screen.
We each put a dollar in the pot and draw a horse as our horse. Mine didn't even show.

It was another beautiful and fun day in Paradise with balmy tropical weather.


Eva said...

Wonderful. English sense of humor.

Robbie said...

What a hoot on the hats!! Now that mint julep looked pretty good!!!