Thursday, May 12, 2011

OOPS - Tessellation Tutorial - Lesson 7A

I realize I left you hanging with my tessellation tutorial I posted some time ago.
Life got in the way.

I am now ready to finish it for you in the immediate future.

It is very important you draw grid lines on your fleece. These will aid in proper placement of your tessellated shapes in your final design.

The size of the grid is directly related to the size of your original square.

We started with a 4 inch square of an index card so we will draw a grid with lines 4inches apart.

In this photo you see the grid with the lines drawn both ways. I have left both of these photos larger than normal so that you can click on them and see a larger photo.

On the next blog post I will show how you use these lines to accurately place your tessellated shapes on the fleece base.

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Sandy said...

thanks Kay,
I will look out for it.
Sandy in the UK