Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Perfect Cloudy Day For Stain Glass!

Today was a perfect day to photograph this gorgeous stain glass window we hung in the dining room.
When the sun shines it looks wonderful, but it doesn't photograph well so this is first chance I've had to take a good photo.

I love this window that I purchased years ago at an auction. It was originally in the home of one of the Milwaukee beer barons, but I can't remember which one.

It has taken all this time to find the perfect place to hang it, to have it refinished and to find the perfect chains and hooks to hang it.

In this photo you see the accessories I've chosen to coordinate with the window. My accessories generally come from somewhere else in my house.
I don't have to shop at thrift stores or even other stores.
Many of my things get stored away for months to years to reappear again in a new vignette! Most of them have either been gifts to me or things purchased for very little money. It's not what you spend - it's how you put it together.

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Eva said...

Excellent piece! Would make a good quilt, too.