Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Knitting With Wool Yarn In 87 Degree Weather!

I started this scarf almost 5 years ago. It was my project I took on every flight in case there were delays.
It went with me when I was having work done on my car and had to wait.
Anytime I anticipated I might have to wait it was my companion.

I guess I was quite fortunate that I only finished less than half of it in waiting time in those 5 years. That means I didn't have a lot of delays.

I have now decided if I want it finished before 10 years from the starting date I should give it my full attention. That is what I am doing. Only 3 1/2 more sections of colors to go.

And for the second day in a row - a PUZZLE!
Click to Mix and Solve


Anonymous said...

You have gone North? right? 87 in WI in MAY? scarey......

Eva said...

The occasion to wear it will come. Lovely colors! Worth while finishing.

Robin said...

I hope it is lightweight yarn- love the colors and the puzzle. Thanks.