Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh, The Stories We Can Tell - More Fiber Postcards

As I took the time to look at each person's postcards, I was not only impressed with the variety, I also was impressed with the creativity shown, as well as the stories one could tell from the cards they created.

We seldom see a robin here, so this could be about that???

I watched as the lady who created this one took her time.
When I asked about the finished card I said to her I saw a story. She then explained the entire story to me and it was so much fun.

What a fun whimsical design, and I guarantee you the creator of this one was having fun as she designed it!

When I look at this I see an oriental Monet garden.

The fine detail in this card is amazing.

I wonder if the creator or the recipient of this card sews?

I see a collection of jewels when I look at this.

When I look at this I think Kentucky Derby since it will be taking place this Saturday. Then I also see the Horse Racing Game we play with our card group.

Of course we need golf cards since we are surrounded by golf courses.

The variety makes these all the more interesting.
I think I have included one card from each participant, but if I missed someone I hope they will let me know.

Many of these were designed for specific recipients. I am sure they will be thrilled when they recieve them.

I took some time today to make a few cards. I will share them at a later date after the recipients recieve them.

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