Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blocking My Quilt


This quilt was NOT flat, no way, no how. Part of that is because of the improvisational way I pieced it.

I also had to smoosh a few areas when I quilted it so I didn’t have tucks.

I have it laid out on my cardboard cutting board on the peninsula in the kitchen.

I also have a spray bottle filled with distilled water.


I have sprayed almost the whole bottle of water to wet the quilt.

I then patted it into place, making it as flat as possible. It looks darker in this picture because it is wet.

Sometimes it is necessary to pin the edges to hold it in place, but even with the irregularities in this quilt I was able to pat it flat.

I will check it in about an hour to see if it needs any more water of patting.


This ceiling fan is just a few feet away and I will leave it on all night to speed the drying.

When it is dry I will trim it to a rectangular shape and face it and add a casing.

It will take on a whole new look when I do that.

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Robbie said...

Thanks for the lesson!! Looks great!