Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch Before Art Quilt Meeting

I had a wonderful day yesterday.
My friend Robbie Payne came over and I got to see all her latest work. It is fantastic.
Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures but you can see her work on her blog.
We went up to the clubhouse where Nancy Burkhalter already had our table for lunch.
Nancy and Robbie had never met but you would have thought they were old friends they way they hit it off. They are both from Michigan.
After lunch it was time to head to our Art Quilt group meeting.
It was an excellent meeting with a lot of show and tell and also some great discussion on elements of design.
Again, I was remiss in taking photographs but I am including a link to Robbie’s blog so you can see pictures of a lot of our show and tell.
Take some time and look around on her blog. She does the most fabulous beading I have ever seen. She integrates in beautifully into her quilts.
She loves hand work and it really shows in the creative ways she incorporates it into her pieces.
Nancy did not have anything to show today, but she does fantastic beautifully designed work. She really knows how to make the sewing machine work doing gorgeous tasteful machine embroidered work. She also does some glorious surface design fabrics. We each have our own strong points. I don’t think I have any links to Nancy’s work nor pictures of it so you will have to just take my word for it.
Am I lucky or what to have such talented friends! And at last, another puzzle for you! Click to Mix and Solve


Unknown said...

It has been a long time since I have done a puzzle. This one was fun!! and I don't like the lizard cut. perhaps because I "watched" the quilt come to life I knew it better than most puzzles....or perhaps the sharp edges of color were easier to put together. Thanks

Robbie said...

What a nice post, Kay! I really enjoyed myself. I have just a few more pics to share but won't get to it until tomorrow sometime. Off for dog walk then to get ready for dinner with two other couples! You know how we love to eat and drink! thanks again for a great afternoon! And for the scarf!!! My hubby even loved it!