Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How Do I Create–Part 2

Looking at this piece I decided it needed more purple.


I found this piece in my palette. It was created with Elmer’s Blue School Glue as a resist. It sat for at least 10 years before I dyed it purple. I wasn’t even sure the glue would come out but it did.

When I placed this behind the work in progress I could see how it would work.


Here you can see the purple added to the work. I have also added several other sections. As usual a lot of this will be trimmed off. When I work with free form curved piecing I try to leave a lot of extra fabric as I add each piece which allows me to decide how much to trim and how much to keep.

This has been on the design wall since I finished working on it last night. Looking at it this morning with fresh eyes I know how I want to proceed for the next few steps.


Createology said...

I have been remiss in visiting and therefore have reviewed previous posts. Your process of fabrics and placement is really interesting. I am amazed the glue came out after such a long period of time. I see a beautiful flower forming here and I am in love with your blues. Creative Design Bliss...

Robbie said...

What fun to see the process on this one seeing your work period!