Monday, April 14, 2014

Simply Sparkly

This is the finished quilt top I created with the Pointillist Palette 2 fabrics. It is 70 x 70 inches.
I named it Simply Sparkly. It is a SIMPLE design to make and the Pointillist fabric makes it SPARKLE.
The strong graphic image is equally at home on a wall or a bed.
It would be a perfect wedding gift.
What student wouldn’t be thrilled to get this to take to college with them in the fall?
The FREE pattern will be available sometime in May.
This picture was taken after it was quilted.It is not easy to see the quilting on the full image.
I enlarged a portion of this quilt so you could see the quilting better.
You will be able to purchase precut strips or yardage to make this quilt from your local quilt shop starting sometime in June.
Let them know you are interested in this so they will order enough precuts or yardage for you to make this.


The Inside Stori said...

This is simply wonderful Kay.......

Michele Lasker said...

Kay, your work is simply wonderful!

shelly said...

Nicely done! Enjoyed the look.
Thanks for sharing. Le use know when the pattern and fabric are ready to buy. Great quilt to show off quilting! Thanks for sharing.
Shelly Beth

Michele Lasker said...

Kay, your work is SIMPLY wonderful!

Leigh-Anne van der Veen said...

IT's beautiful

Ramona said...

Wow! Just stunning.

carol fun said...

WOW! I love this -- I'll be looking forward to seeing the pattern and the yardage -- Great design!

Susan said...

Lovely, my immediate take---
Amish goes wild!


Robbie said...

It's wonderful, Kay!!!! Just wonderful!!!!

Quilt Musings said...


Lea Anna Niggemyer said...

On a site that I was looking at it said this pattern was a free download. But I've been unable to find where to download. Or is it not available yet? I love this quilt and am anxious to start on it. Would you let me know when the pattern becomes available? I see now that you have some awesome quilts! I'm about to go exploring on your site!! They are all gorgeous!!