Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How I Create–6 and Final

The quilt is finished. I have faced the edges and added a casing to the back.
This is my 388th quilt I have finished. I have only been quilting for 52 years.
It will not be for sale as it has already been spoken for.
This is the back of the quilt. I love to use beautiful fabrics on the back of my quilts that compliment the front of the quilt.
I add facings to the top and bottom first. The facings for the sides are added last so when the quilt is on the wall and someone sees the edges they see a continuous line. The casing (or rod pocket) is added last. They are all sewn down by hand.
This quilt will be on it’s way to the new owner very soon.


Robbie said...

Your photographs are as beautiful as the real quilt is!!! My pic didn't turn out as nice. This is a great piece and you were/are an inspiration to your art quilt group (and others!). Thanks for a great day!

Debbie Jones said...

So beautiful, Kay. Thanks for sharing your process!