Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One More Finish!

I still am working on the other pieces I showed you but this one is done.


The red squiggles I added are just a part of one of the designs on one of my screens. I think they pull it together.

I believe I put 4 layers of pattern on this one.

I also got all the other pieces rolled and ready for the dye pots.

I won’t be dyeing until I get more rolled or clamped to fill up the pots.

I have a batch of ice dyeing “cooking” in the garage and it should be ready by tomorrow afternoon.

It’s really hard to have patience while the ice dyed fabrics are processing. It’s such a surprise when I open them. The way I do things it is totally unpredictable.


Robbie said...

SO, SO cool!!! Has Lynn ( Krawczyk) seen this yet? She'd love it!

Laura Munson Reinstatler said...

Wow--what a beautiful fabric! Makes me itch to get back into it.