Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pointillist Palette 1 and 2

20 years ago Robert Kaufman produced Pointillist Palette 1 by Michael Mrowka and Debra Lunn.
This is the front of the quilt I created with the first collection.
This is the back of that quilt.
Pointillist palette  picture edited
This is the Pointillist Palette 2 from Lunn Studios
The patterning of the fabric is the same but the color changes go the full width of the fabric.
Some of them shade light to dark and others shade through 2 or more colors.
It will be introduced to stores at Quilt Market and will be available in your local fabric shop in the near future.
The fabric is so great and the possibilities for using it are endless. I would suggest you stock up on all the colors when it becomes available.
I was invited to create a quilt from these fabrics for Kaufman.
This is the secret mystery project I couldn’t tell you about until now.
Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing more about this quilt soon.


The Inside Stori said...

Wow....this is great news.......I too loved the fabric AND the original fabric that Debra Lunn gave to me to
experiment with ended up in a garment that ended up on the cover of my clothing book "The Wholecloth Garment Stori". What's old will be new again....the garment still fits me so perhaps it will be back in style!

Robbie said...

How cool, Kay!!!! Can't wait to see!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. I've been hoarding my last bits of the original line for years.