Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fairfield Fashion Show Garment

This is the other garment I designed for the Fairfield Fashion show years ago. The patchwork fabric is composed of fabric using my original technique of Tubular Spiral Patchwork.
The sleeveless coat is my original design pattern.
In addition for all the solid color cottons I included some copper and silver gold lame. I placed them between similar colors so as not to interrupt the color flow.
I also created an original design black polished cotton jumpsuit to be worn with it.
A flattering design for any figure.
It will never go out of style.

It debuted at the IQA Quilt market in Houston that year.
It then also was shown at IQA Festival. When it was modeled at the IQA Festival it was very special for me. My parents were visiting my brother's family in Houston and my Mom was able to see the show with me. We were seated at a special table with designers with garments in the show. I think Judy Murrah was at our table.
It travelled for a year to shows and conferences around the country.
It was selected as one of a few garments to travel to the show in Europe the next year. If I remember right the show was in Austria.

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Robbie said...

What year was this, Kay and was the show at IQA in Houston??