Friday, May 15, 2015

I Didn’t Like Florida And Was Never Going To Live There!


Thanks to Lynn and Pat I changed my mind.

Lynn and Pat were each friends from different parts of my life.

Lynn worked with my DH and I knew her through various activities.

Pat and I were high school classmates who hadn’t seen each other since we graduated.

They happened to meet at a brunch and got to talking and became good friends. They then realized they both had a connection to me.

We spent a month in Florida about 12 years ago and visited a lot of different friends.

Lynn and John invited us to stay with them for a few days. They invited Pat and Ron (her DH and also a high school classmate) for dinner.

It was so great to reconnect with them.

The next day Lynn asked if we’d like to go see the model homes. Of course I wanted to. I love decorating and I thought I might get some ideas.

Well, I did get an idea…..a big one!

In less than 24 hours we had contracted to build a home in the community where they both lived.

And the rest is history!!!!!

This is just one more story in my serendipitous life. I am so glad things played out the way they did.

We had lunch at B D Beans today which is our favorite place for the three of us to have lunch.

It’s fun, funky and makes my house look absolutely conservative!

To top it off the food is excellent all the time.

I have never been sorry for the way things worked out and I enjoy every moment here.

There are no friends like long time friends.

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