Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Slow Dyeing

If you have followed the dyeing work I’ve done this season it looks like a lot.
However, each and every piece has been carefully considered so that it is the best it can be. That takes time.
Some of the pole wrapped shibori pieces had been on the poles for more than a year before I put them in the buckets to dye.
Each of the 100 smaller pieces of fabric I textured had to be individually arranged to get an interesting patterning.
When I did a parfait dye with liquid dyes I carefully considered the order I would layer the fabrics in to get a pleasing combination.
When I wasn’t pleased with a piece I didn’t hesitate to overdye, discharge and add additional colors to it until I had something I was in love with.
But the most time consuming of all were the Mandala and Ice Dye pieces I created. Of course first I had to wash and iron yards and yards of fabric.
Then I arranged it in a way I thought I might get an interesting design.
Then I added ice and dyes and waited about 24 hours to start the rinse out, wash out, drying and ironing.
I went where no dyer has gone before as each piece was unique, drawing on everything I have learned and done in my life about design and color.
I PLAYED!!!!!!!
Some were more successful than others, but I will say they all were worthy of my time.
And as a result I earned the title Queen Of The Ice! 
If I am making you tired just thinking about everything I did, remember this: Much of the work was done in my head sitting in an easy chair formulating ideas and plans for this adventure.
AND…..yes it was a grand adventure creating gorgeous fabrics.
Some of the fabrics I created actually made it into a few quilts.
What will happen to the rest of them?
Stay tuned as that is just one more happening on the slow journey.
I would also remiss in not mentioning what I did looks like such a gargantuan accomplishment, yet as I was living this adventure sometimes I felt I was spinning my wheels and not creating as much as I had hoped to do. Does that ever happen to you in your art or your life?


Robbie said...

Mandala's still my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Have done quite a bit of ice dying but never the mandalas. You are surely the ice dying queen! And Mandala queen! Do you ever show how they were created? I am SO interested!