Sunday, May 24, 2015

Looking Back, Looking Forward

I have been sharing work that I have created recently and also some from years ago.

As soon as I complete reentry I hope to be able to share newly created and/or newly finished work.

A lot of wonderful pieces await my finishing touches in my studio.


I have shared a few of those works in progress recently and have received some great feedback and ideas from those who read my blog.


A few of those works in progress are visible here, but many more are hidden. I have under 50 works in progress to finish.

Of course since this is a working studio shot you also see finished work and some of my granddaughters work I was photographing for her.

For anyone who thinks 50 works in progress is a lot, I don’t consider that to be true. At one time I had well over 100 works in progress and worked very hard to bring that number under 100 while creating new works at the same time.

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