Saturday, May 30, 2015

Surprise, Surprise!

It was after midnight when I realized I had not even been in the guest room since I arrived here almost a week ago.
Why was that significant?
All of a sudden I remembered I hadn't even seen this quilt. I made Simply Sparkly for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Angela Walters did the quilting and I had never seen it after she quilted and finished it.
It was returned while I was gone and the house sitters opened it and put it on the bed for me.
What an exciting surprise to see the beautiful job she did quilting and finishing it. I am in awe of her quilting.
It just covers the top surface of the king size bed. Since I don't have an empty wall to hang it on at this time I am going to leave it on the bed and carefully remove it to another flat surface when the bed needs to be used.
My cousin Paula asked me "Do you really have a tree house studio?" I often comment I am heading up to my studio in the trees!
Well yes I do....Our house is in the trees...there are large trees on the three sides of the house that you can see from the studio. Many of them weren't there when we moved here almost 50 years ago. The volunteer trees to the east were 6-10 feet high at the time.
The pine trees you see out this window were less than a foot high when we planted them about 40 years ago across the entire back of our property. Unfortunately only 3 survived the meeting with the lawn mower when our son did the moving. The three that survived tower over the second story. The snow has not always been kind to them and some have lost branches.
If I showed you the view from any other window or even the sky lights you'd see a similar sight, but they would be different types of trees. they all tower over the house now.
One more thing, cousin Paula, the house did not have this second story last time you were here. It's been about 21 years since it was added.

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Robbie said...

It is a stunning quilt and seeing the quilting (zoom in!) is wonderful!!! It's just a beautiful quilt!! I would be stopping by the room daily to just look at it...and I'm sure you are doing just that!