Friday, May 1, 2015

The Story Of Turning Point

The name is very appropriate for this piece. It could be turning on an imaginary point in the very center of the quilt.
But more importantly it was a “turning point” in my journey as a quilter.
This quilt was created about 25 years ago.
It broke a long quilting dry spell I had after piecing the top Threads Through Time, a tribute to my ancestors. Piecing that quilt top was so emotional that I could not create for a long time after I completed it in record time.
I was signed up to take a quilting class from a well known quilter and teacher. We were to bring an original block design with us to the class along with a LOT of fabric.
Try as I might in the months before the class I could NOT draw an original block I was pleased with.
The night before the class the teacher gave a lecture to our quilt guild. She talked about having a dry spell with her work.
Somehow that made an impression with my brain and my lack of creativity.
I woke up the morning of the class and immediately drew the block I used in this quilt.
The simple rectangular block consists of only 3 pieces and features curved seams.
I really can’t tell you what the instructor was trying to teach us to do as once I set foot in the classroom my brain went off on it’s own path. Fortunately the instructor encouraged me to work in my own style.
I cut strips and used a variation of a technique I had developed called Tubular Spiral Patchwork. I was able to resolve the coloration as I moved from block  to block as I turned each block a quarter turn to produce the entire piece.
I had expected to fill in the center but realized it was better with nothing in the center.
This was the first quilt I ever had accepted in a juried ART show. After that first acceptance it was accepted into every show I entered it in.
And from that point on I never looked back….I’m still creating original design quilts.

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