Saturday, May 9, 2015

I’m Always Chasing…..Color Combos!

This is my second attempt to do a blue and brown piece.
The blues worked but the browns broke into burgundy colors.
It is still a good piece. One never knows what will happen when using these dyes that are mixed colors.

This is a smaller piece I did with the same colors. I am always trying new things when I play with the fabric, ice and dyes.
These are my last pieces I am dyeing this season.
There are others from these batches that you will see at a later date.
My mind is already working with ideas for some more pieces.
The dyes have been put away and I am in the process of cleaning up my dyeing area.
But this does not mean my posts will no longer feature my dyed fabrics.


The Inside Stori said...

Great results no matter what the original goal was.....

Lesley Oldham said...

There's a turtle peeking at me from the first piece!

Robin said...

OKeefe snuck into the first work. I love the depth of colors. The second piece reminds me of fantasia!