Saturday, May 16, 2015

How Can You Design A Quilt With One Of A Kind Fabric?

I have been doing a lot of fabric dyeing recently.
Each piece is one of a kind.
So many people live in fear of using these fabrics because if they make a mistake there is no more.
If I wanted to use this piece of fabric knowing there was no more if I made a mistake I would print it with my computer printer.
If would be a good idea to make multiple copies. Be sure you make a note of the size of the original piece of fabric as you will want all the others you print to be sized at the same ratio to the original.
This is a smaller piece of hand dyed one of a kind fabric that I would consider using with the one above.
This could also work with the other 2 fabrics.
I could also use this fabric.
In addition to all of these I could also use some solid or almost solid hand dyes. I would take photos of those too and print them.
I do recommend saving the images of each fabric so you can print more if you like.
I hope you will no longer be afraid to cut and use these gorgeous one of a kind fabrics you create.
You can also use this same idea if you have a “too precious to cut” commercial fabric or have a limited amount of a specific fabric.
Once you have come up with a design you like all you have to do is cut it from your fabric in the appropriate size.
You could use a very simple traditional quilt pattern and make it very contemporary with your one of a kind fabric. Simple designs are usually the best way to use these complex fabrics.
UPDATE: One person commented that it is NOT appropriate to scan and print commercial fabric. I am not suggesting you scan and print it as fabric. I am suggesting you scan to a paper copy to play with to decide how you will use it. That is a perfectly permissible way to design.


The Inside Stori said...

What innovative and helpful suggestions!!!

Lynda said...

You are speaking to me sista! With my favorite pieces I'm so scared to cut and ruin. I really hadn't thought about scanning and printing. Great idea. Thanks.

Michele Lasker said...

Kay, thanks for the great suggestions.

Marilyn said...

Scanning and printing commercial fabric is not appropriate.

Funky Diva said...

Kay, your suggestions to scan and print so you can decide how to cut and use your one of a kind fabrics is brilliant.