Saturday, May 23, 2015

One Of The Original Techniques I Created

When Judy Spahn said she was going to to look up my Tubular Spiral Patchwork on my blog I checked the blog to see what was there.
The very first piece I did where I created the technique was Autumn Rainbow.
I couldn’t find it so I am featuring it on this post.
One of the things I did when I created this was to use a variety of fabrics: solid color 100% cottons, polished cottons, chintz cottons, cotton poly blends and possibly a few other fabrics.
The quilt police at the time said we could only use 100% cotton fabrics in our quilts.
This would not have been nearly as striking without those other “forbidden” fabrics.
It was probably created in the early 1980’s and was one of my first quilts that won an award.
It also was responsible for people recognizing me as one who knew how to use color effectively.
If you do a blog search you will also find Spring created with this technique. I never did winter or summer as I found it hard to work in those palettes.
I hope to share some of the other techniques I created in future blog posts.

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