Monday, May 18, 2015

My Quilt Gallery


I am sharing several views of the quilts in the lower level of our home which I use as a gallery.


The quilts you are seeing are not my most recent work, but I feel they have stood the test of time as good work.


This quilt is the other piece I did from the same fabric, color and order. It’s always fun to see how you can start  at the same place and how the view can change at the finish line.


I try to display the quilts in a way that colors flow from one to the next and also so they work with the furniture and accessories in the room.

The hooked rug on the chair was designed by me and my Mom hooked the rug.


Sally said...

Awesome work! May i ask how you hang them? You've given me an idea for my home. Thank you for posting.

Robbie said...

Would love to be at your house and see the "gallery" in person!

Margaret said...

love all the quilts, looks great