Thursday, March 22, 2018

An Awesome Miniature Quilt

MiniTurquoiserustFL photo
I developed a technique for piecing miniature quilts about 35 years ago called Magnificent Miniature Patchwork.  I taught the method all over the Midwest and beyond.
My work was featured in several magazines including the Japanese magazine Patchwork Quilt Tsushin.
The quilts we created were to scale - 1 inch to 12 inches  - of a full size bed quilt. This measures 11 inches square.
This particular one is an off center log cabin and I have used silver lame in the centers of each block.
It finally got quilted this year when I started having Robin Koehler do hand quilting for me. Her work is AMAZING and she also binds most of the ones she quilts for me.
Her stitches are so perfect. I love her work best done on solid colors as they really show off the quilting.
Since she has been quilting for me I have been able to reduce the number of works in progress and I have several more ready for her to quilt.

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Robin said...

You are SO SWEET!! I love what I do and having appreciative clients is a bonus.