Friday, March 23, 2018

Red Magic

I did shibori dyeing over some dye dogs and got some amazing new pieces to work with.
Over twenty years ago I painted this with thickened dyes. I was surprised how the red dye really made this come to life.

This is the before. image
This was a green piece with some glue resist I believe. I was not expecting results as wonderful as I received with the red dye.
The photo below is the before picture.
One I overdyed red
This piece was given to me and it had been painted. The red really made it sing.
Four of us got together and carved our own printing blocks and then a few days later we got together and printed with them.
Since these were test pieces I didn’t use wonderful fabrics to print on. The red dye definitely brought this up enough notches that it is now something I will use in a composition.
There will be more to come in the future sharing my results as there were 20 pieces in the bucket.

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