Thursday, March 29, 2018



I am the QUEEN OF ICE!
I have developed my own proprietary method of ice dyeing as an artist.
I am NOT a production dyer. As an artist dyer I use all that is within me as I create each new creation with new ideas.
Since my show opening I have had many requests to teach/share my methods.
My teaching days have been over for a long time and I have used that time to develop further as an artist.
If I attempted to teach/share at this time I would charge $1000 and hour….2 students at a time…. 5 hours minimum.
I am worth that. However I would be self directing anyone who took me up on this.
If you have been to my show you will realize the prices I sell my ART for are a bargain and they can add far more than the cost to your surroundings improving your life and those who enter it.
At this point I am adding a blog post I wrote some time ago which should help to explain this further. I feel I should share this at least once a month.
I have had a lot or responses from people who said they really understand after reading this post.

How I Came To The Point Of Creating My Ice Dyes-Rerun 2018
These are 3 of my experiments on the journey to create the BEST. I consider the above so-so but it takes a lot of these to achieve the best.
Thanks you to everyone for all your comments about my most recent piece which I consider the BEST of the best Florida Ice.
This never could have happened without a lifetime of learning involving fabrics and color.
Many have asked how I do this and it is not something I can share.
For one thing, the results are serendipitous.
And the other thing is unless you have lived the same life I have for 78 years you will never achieve these results.
I am no longer teaching, but am pursuing my own art.
To attempt to share this would not be fair to myself, nor to people who would try it and not get the results I do.
When I was doing one on one teaching for a fee I had a student ask if she could come and learn everything I knew about color from me in a one day session as she would have to travel a distance to get to my studio. It would not have been possible as she had not lived my life. I could have taught her about color theory but even if I did that until she did exercises,etc she still would not have learned what I attempted to teach her.
I can only suggest you take as many color and design classes as possible from the very best instructors and do the work from the classes.
Don’t concentrate only on working with dyes, but with paints, fabrics. yarns, food and papers.
Then play with your chosen materials until you get results that please you.
Devote every waking moment to your art as only then will you achieve your potential. You can multitask and think about your art being influenced as you live your daily life and think about what you want to do and how you will start.
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And in closing I am going to share some not so successful things I’ve dyed recently so you don’t thing I get a winner ever time.
The above are some less than lovelies but it takes creating a lot of these to find my direction to make the BEST!
Even the less than lovelies are useful for backs of quilts or they can be cut up and used in piecing. So all is not lost no matter what happens in my work.
And now 3 years after I originally wrote this post, some of these less than lovelies have been made into very successful pieces with some overdyeing or quilting!
I wish you success on your art journey wherever it takes you.