Sunday, March 18, 2018

Florida Ice–Everybody Moves To Florida Eventually

I couldn’t believe how many friends from Wisconsin were at the opening of my show in Ocala, Florida on March 16th. Almost all of them live in Florida now.
Don't miss the photos of the Ice tapestries in the backgrounds.
Riesselmann Florida Ice
John and Sharon Reisselman lived a block from us in Wisconsin. Me. John’s sister Betty Falcon who I have known for years and her friend Renee Kloet from Salem, WI.
My long time friend from Paddock Lake, Jean Antes. She came with Sandy Murphy from Salem, another long time friend.

Gloria Rickard Harden and Pat Schaltz Brodsko were high school classmates of mine.

Eileen Straub Mirr and Lynn Maher are also friends from WI now living in Florida who I have known a long time.
Kay Falcus from WI, one of my sister Karen’s college friends.
I will be following up with other pictures of people who attended the show later.
I also will be sharing photos of the work occasionally...just enough so you want to see them in person!

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