Monday, March 5, 2018

Once Upon A Time There Were 3 Little Palm Trees

These trees were planted by the developer when our house was built in 2014. They were barely as tall as the house.
Things grow very fast in Florida. At this point special equipment had to be brought in to trim them a few times a year.
fl house with tall palms
The trees were towering over the house and no longer an asset. Queen palms are not native to this part of the state and have a short lifespan. They were in danger of coming down in a storm or even a light wind.
Last week we said goodbye to all three of them.
All that remains are 3 stumps and the landscaper will be back soon with a stump grinder to get rid of them. We are one of the last in the neighborhood to still have them and the one on the right might have been the tallest in the whole area.
Everything else has filled in in these last 14 years and the yard looks beautiful.


Robbie said...

WOW! I didn't realize how tall they were last year!!! The house really shows so nicely without the trees!

Susie Q said...

While I understand why they had to go, I am very glad you have photos before they went!!!!