Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fiber Postcards

All of these postcards were ones I made and sent to my youngest grandson. I hope he is enjoying receiving them.

Of course I have to send a flamingo from Florida.

I asked him if the robins are back in Wisconsin yet.

And I also asked him if there are cardinals in his yard.

His favorite color is green so when I found this fish fabric with a green background I had to make a card with it.

One of his favorite Christmas presents was his Gator Golf game so that is why I made this one to send him.

What boy doesn't like Superman?

It is so much fun to make these. I have acquired quite a collection of novelty fabrics while on this journey. Since these are for a child I have made them quite simple with little other than the novelty fabrics. Occasionally I fuse something else onto them.

I also do ones that are slightly more complex for older children and adults. They can be an inside joke, or the idea can come from something someone may say.


Eva said...

Oh these are wonderful! I could think of them being published in a pack of 6 pieces as art prints. Even on paper, they would not loose their charms.

Mary Stori said...

What a great way to stay in touch with a grandchild!!! So clever!

ShereeSews said...
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