Saturday, June 30, 2012

Anderson Arts Center 20th Anniversary Juried Alumni Show

I was the only fiber artist to have work juried into this show.


My work is in the center and one the right. All the work in this particular gallery was black and white with a few touches of color on one piece.

I am not a skilled photographer and want to state that before you view the rest of this post.

The lighting of the work is first class. The Arts Center has fantastic windows that let in a lot of light. If I was a better photographer those things would not be a problem.

They allow the work to be shown in all it’s glory, but the photos I will be posting are not the greatest, even though the work itself is.

That said, let’s get on with the show!


“Girl’s Swim Team”  by Janet Roberts was an oil on vintage fabrics. I loved her work and have been drawn to it in previous shows at the AAC.

I guess you could call this piece another fiber piece but she is a painter rather than a fiber artist in my opinion.

Team GuysjanetRoberts

“Team Guys”, an oil and mixed media is also by Janet Roberts.


“Wisconsinite Lackoon” by Michael Kutzer is an acrylic painting. There are so many things about this work that draw me in.

bullsfrog's lullaby

“Bullfrog’s Lullaby” is also by Michael Kutzer. Another favorite of mine.

This is a show I plan to visit again as there is so much wonderful art. I hope I have shared enough that you will get to see the show in person too.


Christine Thresh said...

"Girls Swim Team" is marvelous. It brought me back to look at it again and again.
I'd love to have it. Wow.

Robbie said...

Wonderful pieces...and of course you know how much I love your b/w!