Sunday, June 24, 2012

Design Process – “Rainbow Quilt”–Working On It


This is the point I am at right now with this quilt design. I am not so sure it will be the final design, but it is only about the 10th idea I have tried with these fabrics.

I’d like to share a few steps along the way with you so you can follow my design process on this particular piece.


I started out by joining the three pieces that will make up the center area of the quilt.

I added a strip of the secondary fabric to each edge after I determined what I though a proportional width should be.


I really thought that this would make a great asymmetrical design so I cut strips a width I thought would work and pinned them to the quilt.

It was soon obvious they were too wide so I went on to the next design you will see.


While this was an improvement it still wasn’t good.


This is where I listened to the quilt and it told me it wanted to be symmetrical.

I added two strips that were the same and moved them towards the outer edges.

The last thing I did was to add the center strip you saw in the first photo.

I will now leave this on the design wall and study it while I work on other pieces.

Even though some things I create look simple you can probably see now that simple is not quick and easy!


Alycia said...

That is really cool!! Love the color you are using!

Marie Costa said...

Thanks for sharing your design process - it's so helpful.

These fabrics look incredible!

kwiltnkats said...

Very different fabrics. Seems it may be the same piece throughout. I like that you selected the raspberry color to be at the top. Reminds me a warm skyline. Sandi