Friday, June 15, 2012

My Studio: Accessories Finish The Room

As I have spent time in my newly reorganized studio my thoughts turn to using some of my quilts and other items as accessories and decorative items.

Studio decorations 2quiltsonfeltbookcase

Since my studio has a lot of windows and the long design wall it does not leave a lot of wall space to hang things. I have to think of other ways to hang quilts to make the room complete.

One solution I have come up with is to use a tension rod to hang a piece of felt to cover a bookcase.

I have pinned two quilts to the felt. This also makes it easy to change the quilts I display any time I want.

Studio decorationsofficewallbookcase

A French wood printing block and this quilt hang on the far right of the office area of the studio. Visible from the workspace in the office is the side of this bookcase. I had four 8 x 10 glossies printed of some of my quilts. I framed them with very simple black frames and they made the side of this bookcase so much more attractive.

Making my space beautiful and colorful inspires me when I am creating.

Often we have to think out of the box not only when creating art, but also when decorating a home or studio.

I hope this will give someone else some ideas.


Peggy said...

I love the mix of textures here. The printing block reminds me of the Gibbons woodwork in St Paul's Cathedral and at Hampton Court. (WOW - it is much harder to comment using my Nook Tablet.Or maybe it's that it is 4:18 am &I didn't sleep!)

sewsaucysuzy said...

I love this quilt on top!!! Wish you did a tutorial on it.