Monday, June 4, 2012

Shibori Quilt–I Think I’ve Got It And Studio Progress Report

I would guess I have done at least 40 different arrangements trying to come up with a final composition.


I am quite certain this is it. I will be able to start sewing this together this week.

There may be a slight amount of tweaking the proportions, but I’m pleased with it.

I was able to study this as I reorganized the studio. How’s that for multitasking?

Studiocuttingtables,sewingand ironing

This is the cutting, sewing, and ironing areas.

That studio reorganization project is semi-complete!

The important things are arranged. Like the quilt, I still will have to tweak the proportions as to where I have some of the furniture. The new arrangements is functional and looks good.

The supplies are in their new homes. Now if I can only remember where things are when I need them. Hopefully I put them in the most logical places!

The lounge furniture is positioned for conversation, relaxation and a place to sit and read, do handwork or observe things on the design wall.

I am still boxing up the donation fabrics. I also have some things that I no longer need in the studio that need to be moved to other rooms.


Robin said...

By George I think you've got it. This arrangement is really pleasing and all the sections are playing well together. Great job!
I love your studio- wish I had a dedicated space that large.

Connie said...

I really like this arrangement! I LOVE your studio, I'm going to have to look at see if you have more photos of it!

Lizzie P said...

The room looks great - you've done a fine job! Love the cabinet with all the drawers...
Hope you can get down to the shibori now - the arrangement's lovely

Lorrie said...

Oh, Kay, it looks wonderful. I would love to visit it again this summer. It is such a fabulous room. I could live there happy for the rest of my life.

Robbie said...

Your room is so inviting to we art folks!!! The arrangement looks great and a most productive place to work! now get busy! HA

soot said...

Your Shibori quilt is just lovely. The colors are scrumptious.
Kathy in Beebeetown, IA

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Must say my jaw dropped when I saw the shibori fabrics...and THEN I scrolled still my beating heart! I wanna come play at your house!