Saturday, June 9, 2012

“New To Me” Wall Unit Ready To Enjoy

Some of you know I am an eBay enthusiast.


I purchased this 110” Dyrlund wall unit on eBay. I would guess it is somewhere between 30 and 50 years old. I love Scandinavian furniture. It is not perfect. The middle lower section has some surface imperfections on the top and one door won’t open. Other than that it is in great shape. I bought it because it had such a beautiful design. All the doors are tambour doors.

The pieces were taking up almost my whole living room when I returned from Florida 3 weeks ago. There were at least 25 different pieces that had to be put together to create this finished unit.

Yesterday it was set up in guest room 2 – or as I now call it – Jessica’s room!


After it was set up I filled the various cabinets. There are still several empty sections. It had a lot more storage room than I expected.

I then shopped for accessories to put on it. My shopping for accessories is done in my house! I look around and see what I have I can use.

Rya rug Jessicas room

On the floor I have this rya rug I purchased on eBay several years ago. The colors are very muted and there is some lavender, burgundy and many neutral colors in the rug. I found the vases and the tray in my other guest room, where they weren’t adding anything to the room. The tall art doll came from my dining room.

The music boxes came from a cabinet on the opposite wall of this room. The other accessories were on the cabinets that were previously in this spot. I am sure I will still do a little tweaking of the accessories I used, but for now it is done.

I will hang a quilt on the wall adjacent to the cabinet on the left. It is not finished so it is moving up to the top of my “finishing list”. It will be perfect for this room.

I hope Jessica enjoys this new wall unit in her room.


Linda said...

Yes to Ebay! Practically my whole quilt cave is Ebay. Whenever I go there, I love to look for things that might solve problems in other rooms. My cutting board table is a free-standing kitchen cabinet. Absolutely love your wall unit.

Robin said...

yay you got it together! It is beautiful and just what I need in my guest room. Now I'll have to go shopping and find one. You are an enabler.

Lizzie P said...

A rya rug! Haven't seen one of those for AGES. As a student I spent a summer on the road round England demonstrating how to make one from a kit. Used my own kit for the demo, but it was so quick to make I ran out of canvas, so I had to unpick part of it each night towards the end. Bet it's tucked away in the eaves somewhere...must look!