Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mystic Spirit

This is the first of two quilts I finished yesterday.


I am so happy with this quilt – design, quilting and workmanship.

Can you see the spirit in this quilt?

Almost all the fabrics are the shibori fabrics I created in the recent dyeing season.

My word for 2011 was imperfection. I seem to have forgotten that when I made this and strived for perfection. I’ve come as close as I ever do to that!


This is the back of the quilt. You can see the facings I used to finish the edges as well as the casing (rod pocket) at the top to hang the quilt.

I used fusible Pellon polyester fleece as a filler. The backing fabric coordinates well with the front of the quilt.

Some of the finished quilts I have been showing you recently were started years ago. This one was only started months ago.


Eva said...

Yes, a spectacular piece! Love it.

Robin said...

It's like watching the birth of a baby. from creation to completion. I love how it turned out and that I got to see your creative process evolve. Thanks so much.

Mary Stori said...

WOW!! Kay this is simply marvelous!! What a perfect marriage of fabrics!